Our training program begins here at our corporate headquarters and continues at your location during your grand opening. Your overall success is important to us, and we want to be there from signing to grand opening.

We use the web show all training films and procedures.

You will come to Sunny Miami and work a 2 week schedule in one of our stores, you will not see the sun as you will be Training all day and night but you will learn alot about how to run your CrepeMaker.

CrepeMaker is always working to improve, and a key to that is that you have all of the tools that we have, we found that a franchisee that has a big Manual on a desk does no good, so our complete system is online, you can pull forms inventory, policies, pictures, applications all online and on a PDA , iphone , ipad. and ay PC in the world.

You can also see your store on cameras and work online anytime, the truth is a restaurant  is a full time job, but we want you to enjoy the journey of owning a CrepeMaker too, so we work hard to give you every tool the internet and technology can provide.